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These Security Control Modules have been granted an approval period of three years from the date they were approved by the AusPayNet Evaluation Review Sub-Committee. The following conditions apply to all approved Security Control Modules:

  • Any SCM functions not approved under Volume 4 Device Requirements and Cryptographic Management Clause 2.4.10 of the IAC Code Set must be disabled.
  • Procedures must be in place to ensure that a device is under dual control at all times whenever it is in a sensitive state.
  • Deployment and management of the device must be in accordance with Volume 3 Acquirer Requirements Clause 3.3.3 of the IAC Code Set.
  • Any Remote Management Solution intended for use with an approved SCM must also be listed here as approved for use within the IAC, having been evaluated against the criteria set out in the IAC Code Set Volume 4 Device Requirements and Cryptographic Management Clause 2.4
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    Gemalto SafeNet Payment HSM ( GRK-13) 16/07/2022 Yes (click)

    Hardware version: 808-000059-002
    Firmware version: 6.10.5
    Software versions:

    • 2.1.0
    • 2.2.x-xxx
    • 2.4.0
    • 2.2.2 WPC 1.4

    Conditions /Comments:

    IBM 4767 CEX5S 09/06/2024

    Hardware version: 00LV498
    Firmware version: For S390/IBM Z mainframe platform
    Segment 1: 5.3.19
    Segment 2: 5.3.20
    For 4767, x86 and non-IBM Z platform
    Segment 1 Image: 5.3.19 P0130 M0130 P0130 F0D01 201709081401503A000022000000000000
    Segment 1 Revision: 50319
    Segment 1 Hash:
    Segment 2 Image:
    Segment 2 Revision:50512
    Segment 2 Hash:
    Software version: 5.6.x1(Segment 3)

    IBM 4768 Cryptographic Coprocessor Security Module 09/06/2024

    Hardware version: 01PP165
    Firmware version: CCA6.3.xz
    Software version: Remote Key management version: Trusted Key Entry V9.2

    IBM 4769-001 Cryptographic Coprocessor Security Module 29/09/2024

    Hardware version: 02WN652
    Firmware version: CCA 7.3.xz
    Software version: Remote Key management version: Trusted Key Entry V9.2

    SafeNet Luna EFT 2.1 16/07/2022 Yes (click)

    Hardware version: 808-000059-002
    Firmware version: 6.10.5
    Software versions:

    • 2.1
    • 2.4.0
    • CBA Custom Function: 2.4.0 CBA 1.4

    Conditions /Comments:

    Thales PayShield 10K 06/02/2023

    Hardware version: PCI Rev: 01; 1.0
    Firmware version: 1.0d; 1.1a; 1.2a
    Software versions:

    • 1500-*020
    • 1500-*023
    • 1500-*024 including payShield Manager
    • (* represents 0=AusPayNet Mode and 1= PCI Mode)
    • ANZ Custom Function: 1003-0000
    • Coles Custom Function: 1009-0000
    Thales payShield 9000 08/09/2023 Yes (click)

    Hardware version: 1600A466.01.X.X.X.X.X.X
    Firmware version: 1317-x900 (Version 1.2a)
    1346-x9xx (Version 2.1c) including HSM Manager
    1346-x907 (Version 2.1d) including HSM Manager
    1346-x9xx (Version 2.3c) including HSM Manager
    1346-x919 (Version 2.4a) including HSM Manager
    1346-x921 (Version 2.4b) including HSM Manager
    1407-x902 (Version 3.1a)
    1407-x905 (Version 3.1d)
    1407-x908 (Version 3.2c) including payShield Manager
    1407-x910 (Version 3.3a) including payShield Manager
    1407-x911 (Version 3.3b) including payShield Manager
    1407-x917 (Version 3.4c)including payShield Manager
    1407-x921 (Version 3.5a) including payShield Manager
    NAB Custom Function -1135-0914 (Version 3.4c) including Bootstrap, BootManager, payShield Manager Bootstrap Version 1.10.2
    Boot Manager: 1.16.12, 1.16.8, 1.18.2

    Software versions:

    • Remote Manager Software Version : Thales Remote HSM Manager "Live-CD" Version 4.x.x (Linux boot CD)
    • HSM Manager 5.x.x

    Conditions /Comments: