Approved Contactless on COTS (CPoC) Solutions

Conditions for all CPoC Solutions:


  1. MyPinPad SoftPOS Solution



MyPinPad SoftPOS Solution


Solution Data
Solution Provider MYPINPAD
Solution Name SoftPOS
Solution Description Solution for accepting contactless payments on a COTS device
Monitoring & Attestation System
Vendor Name MYPINPAD
Name MATE System
Version Number 1.0.X
CPoC Application
Vendor Name MYPINPAD
Name SoftPOSapp
Version Number 1.XX.XX-X
Backend HSMs
Payment HSM (MYHSM) Thales payShield 9000
Secure BuildHSM(MYPINPAD) Azure Key Vault


Condition: The solution may only be deployed on versions of Android 8 and above.

Expiry Date: 10 July 2023

Annual Checkpoint: 10 July 2021